37 Of The Best Writing Podcasts Available: Listen Now!

Looking for inspiration, tips, and guidance to enhance your writing skills? Then, you’re in luck! We have curated a list of 37 of the most outstanding writing podcasts out there, sure to ignite your creativity and fuel your passion for the written word. Whether you’re an aspiring novelist, a seasoned journalist, or simply someone who loves the art of storytelling, these podcasts will offer invaluable insights, techniques, and discussions to help you sharpen your writing prowess. From industry experts sharing their experiences to interviews with renowned authors, these podcasts cover a wide range of topics, ensuring there’s something for every writer. So, grab your headphones and get ready to immerse yourself in the world of writing as we present to you these exceptional podcasts that are just a click away.

The Final Word on the Best Writing Podcasts

In this article, we have compiled a list of 37 of the best writing podcasts that are currently available for you to listen to. Whether you are an aspiring writer looking for inspiration, or a seasoned writer seeking to enhance your craft, these podcasts offer valuable insights, tips, and advice from experienced authors and industry professionals.

1. “Writing Excuses” – Hosted by a panel of established authors, this podcast covers various aspects of the writing process, including character development, world-building, and story structure.

2. “The Creative Penn Podcast” – Author Joanna Penn interviews successful authors and industry experts, providing valuable tips on self-publishing, book marketing, and building a sustainable writing career.

3. “Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing” – Grammar Girl breaks down grammar rules and provides quick tips to improve your writing skills in a fun and engaging way.

4. “The Writer Files” – This podcast explores the habits and routines of well-known writers, offering insights into their creative processes and providing inspiration for writers of all levels.

5. “The Story Grid Podcast” – Hosted by renowned editor Shawn Coyne, this podcast delves into the art of storytelling, with episodes focused on analyzing popular books and movies to extract valuable writing lessons.

6. “The Manuscript Academy Podcast” – Authors Jodi Paloni and Alida Nugent share their experiences and provide advice on the path to publication, including tips on query letters, finding literary agents, and navigating the publishing industry.

7. “The Portfolio Life” – Author Jeff Goins interviews creative professionals to explore the intersection of art and commerce, offering insights into building a successful creative career.

8. “Dear Writer” – In this podcast, writing coach and author Sarah Painter answers common writing questions and provides practical advice to help writers overcome challenges and improve their craft.

9. “The Writing Coach” – Host Rebecca L. Weber provides guidance on writing productivity, overcoming self-doubt, and finding your unique writing voice.

10. “The Self-Publishing Show” – This podcast focuses on all aspects of self-publishing, including marketing strategies, book cover design, and building an author platform.

11. “The Writers’ Co-op” – A podcast dedicated to exploring the writing life, with discussions on the challenges and rewards of being a writer.

12. “The Narrative Breakdown” – Hosts Cheryl Klein and James Monohan dive deep into the craft of storytelling, with episodes covering topics such as plot structure, dialogue, and character arcs.

13. “The Bestseller Experiment” – Follow two authors on their journey to write, publish, and market a bestselling book, with interviews and insights from successful authors along the way.

14. “Helping Writers Become Authors” – Author K.M. Weiland offers actionable writing advice, focusing on topics such as outlining, character development, and narrative structure.

15. “The Literary Salon” – Join hosts Damian Barr and Hannah MacInnes as they interview leading literary figures, discussing their writing process and the stories behind their books.

16. “The Story Blender” – Noted author Steven James interviews writers and industry professionals, exploring the art and business of writing.

17. “Ann Kroeker, Writing Coach” – This podcast provides practical tips and inspiration to help writers overcome writer’s block, hone their creativity, and develop a writing routine.

18. “Odyssey SF/F Writing Workshop” – Recorded lectures from the renowned Odyssey Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Workshop, where experienced authors share their insights and advice on the genre.

19. “99% Invisible” – Although not solely focused on writing, this podcast explores the hidden world of design and storytelling, offering unique perspectives that can inspire writers.

20. “The Author Hangout” – Hosted by author Shawn Manaher, this podcast features interviews with successful authors, covering topics such as book marketing strategies, author branding, and building a fan base.

21. “Write Now with Sarah Werner” – Sarah Werner offers motivation, inspiration, and practical advice to writers, tackling topics such as overcoming writer’s block and finding your writing rhythm.

22. “The Writing University Podcast” – The University of Iowa’s writing program presents this podcast, featuring interviews with renowned authors and discussions on writing craft and the publishing industry.

23. “Writing Class Radio” – This podcast combines storytelling with the teaching of writing techniques, providing listeners with engaging and educational episodes.

24. “The Sell More Books Show” – Hosted by Jim Kukral and Bryan Cohen, this podcast focuses on book marketing tips and strategies to help authors increase their book sales.

25. “The Comparative Opinions Podcast” – Although not purely focused on writing, this podcast offers insights into creative pursuits, exploring various forms of storytelling in different media.

26. “The Writing Barn Podcast” – This podcast brings listeners into the world of writing conferences and retreats, featuring talks from industry experts and authors sharing their wisdom.

27. “The Author Biz” – Author Stephen Campbell interviews successful authors and industry professionals, discussing various aspects of the business side of writing.

28. “The Manuscript” – Hosted by author Matty Dalrymple, this podcast explores the journey from manuscript to publication, offering practical advice on editing, finding beta readers, and self-publishing.

29. “The Writer's Digest Podcast” – This podcast features interviews with successful authors and industry experts, covering a wide range of writing-related topics.

30. “The Beautiful Writers Podcast” – Host Linda Sivertsen interviews bestselling authors, exploring both their personal journeys and the craft of writing.

31. “The Writers Panel” – This podcast brings together panels of writers and industry professionals to discuss various aspects of the writing process, including plotting, character development, and adapting stories for different mediums.

32. “The Naked Book” – Hosts Pete and Tom explore the evolving world of book publishing, providing insights into the industry and discussing the impact of digital technologies.

33. “The Portfolio Composer” – Although focused on music composition, this podcast offers useful insights on creativity and the artistic process that can be applied to writing.

34. “Reading Women” – This podcast highlights books written by or about women, offering recommendations and discussions on feminist literature.

35. “The Creative Writer’s Toolbelt” – Host Andy Chamberlain shares practical advice and techniques to help writers improve their craft and enhance their writing skills.

36. “The Writers’ Bloc” – A podcast for writers by writers, featuring discussions on the writing life, book recommendations, and tips for aspiring authors.

37. “DIY MFA Radio” – Gabriela Pereira hosts this podcast, offering interviews with successful authors and exploring the DIY approach to a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing.